ESL Weather Game

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This is a game for practicing weather language in English. The target audience is ESL learner; although, young native speaking children may also find it useful. The main aim is to practice weather vocabulary and phrases, specifically to expose students to weather vocab such as "Sunny", weather phrases such as "In England, it will rain" and weather actions such as "When it is hot, she eats and ice cream". The hope is that by exposing students to this language, it will reinforce the language and increase their familiarity with it. A secondary aim for this game is to show students different countries and expose them to simple country name vocabulary. While country vocab is not a primary focus for this game, it is still beneficial for students to see and practice country language in English. ESL students usually have specific modules or chapters in a textbook that covers countries and customs, so I think the country names are worth of study. In terms of this specific game, weather language and countries are quite complimentary and the way the game works really requires country language to be used. Also, I really think that countries on a map of the world is something that students will find somewhat interesting and so I think it will be good for holding their attention.

The content in this game is divided into 4 sets. Each set includes 6 weather vocabulary items, 12 countries and 6 weather related actions. The first set covers the basic weather vocab - "Sunny", "Windy" and etc. Then the remaining sets increase in difficulty to the point where the fourth set includes more obscure weather vocab such as "Forest fire" and Hurricane". Below is a list of the language used.

Set 1 - Europe Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, Snow, Lightning, Rain England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Czechia, Denmark (Lightning is prefered to thunder as the image is visual rather than auditory. Also, Czechia is prefered to The Czech Republic as it is shorter and so fits in the box.)

Set 2 - Asia Hot, Mild, Cold, Boiling, Freezing, Wet China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Mongolia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand

Set 3 - North America Drizzle, Hail, Storm, Overcast, Rainbow, Tornado the North, the North-East, the East, the South, the West, the middle, Canada, Mexico, California, Texas, Florida, New York

Set 4 - World Volcano, Blizzard, Flood, Forest fire, Air pollution, Hurricane Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, The United States


When it is sunny he relaxes on the beach. When it is cloudy they play football. When it is raining she takes an umbrella. When it is snowing they have a snow ball fight. When there is lightning the dog hides under the bed. When it is windy she sails a boat.

When it is hot she eats ice cream. When it is mild he goes for a bike ride. When it is cold she drinks tea. When it is boiling hot she turns on the AC. When it is freezing cold she stays in bed. When it is wet she wears a raincoat.

When there is a drizzle of rain she goes jogging. When it hails he takes care of his dog. When there is a storm he relaxes on the sofa. When it is overcast they play badminton. When there is a rainbow he takes a photo. When there is a tornado he closes the window.

When a volcano erupts he films a video. When there is a blizzard she takes a bath. When there is flood he rows a boat. When there is a forest fire she drives away. When there is air pollution she wears a face mask. When there is a hurricane he flies away.

There are 3 parts to the game. In the first part, you have to drag the vocabulary items to match the images. In the second part, you are show a map and have to drag the weather images to the appropriate country according to the text and audio. Finally, the last part shows a big image and you have to form a sentence to describe what you see.

I hope your students enjoy the game and can practice and improve their English. Leave any comments you like below.